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Beef Liver Topper

Beef Liver Topper

The chips that your best dog friends love are now available as a food topper! Organ meats like Beef Liver are superfoods for your dog and cat! Beef Liver Topper are made from Beef Liver Chips and are delicious until the last crumb.

To use, sprinkle a little or generously onto any meal to add extra nutrition and excitement! Chicken Food Toppers are best for:

  • picky eaters
  • meal/kibble flavor enhancers
  • regulating eating while traveling
  • transitioning to new food/kibble

Note: Beef Liver Topper has the most pungent aroma amongst all of the toppers. 

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Product Description

Organ meats like Beef Liver are superfoods for your dog and cat!

When wolves (whom dogs descended from) consumed their prey, the wolf would eat the the "prized meats" first - starting with the liver, heart, kidneys, and other vital organs.

To use, sprinkle generously onto any meal to add extra nutrition and excitement!

  • High value food topper for picky eaters!
  • Great source of vitamins and minerals!
  • Great for senior dogs to still experience their favorite flavors without the teeth work!
  • Aid in transitioning between old and new food.

Origin Story

Nutritional Benefits

Beef Liver is a superfood for dogs and cats! It is PACKED full of vitamins and minerals:

  • Vitamin A: Vitamin A is an antioxidant that supports digestion and reproductive organs.
  • Vitamin D: Vitamin D is an extremely important nutrient for the function of a dog’s immune system. The immune system is important for preventing cancer, autoimmune diseases, and infectious diseases. Additionally, it supports bone and muscle strength.
  • Vital Minerals: minerals like copper and zinc. These are crucial for bone and joint health as well as healthy skin, a shiny coat, and a strong immune system.
  • Folic Acid and Vitamin B's: support mental and nerve health, and helps avoid fatigue and anemia

Guaranteed Analysis

Each topper mirrors their chips counterpart. For more specific information regarding Guaranteed Analysis, see Beef Liver

Safety & Storage

Our Drying Process: We dehydrate all of our treats at 165 degrees Fahrenheit to kill all harmful pathogens during the drying process. The amount of time drying will change based on the product.

Storage: Keep in a cool/dry place. Our dehydrated products are free of preservatives and additives. Although it is very uncommon, bugs and mold (from added moisture) are culprits for causing trouble.

Our bagged products do great in the bag they come in. Just keep them away from wet environments and keep bags sealed when you aren't using them. For longer storage, keep products in the freezer or fridge to keep our products fresh, and away from bugs and pests that might show interest.