Our Story

About Luna's Good Dog Treats

Luna came into my life in November 2020 from Milo Foundation. During our first few months together, we were learning how to adapt to each other. I learned that she was very treat motivated to learn new tricks, she loved to run and stand by a thrown tennis ball (we’re still working on bringing the ball back), and belly rubs. She learned to love going on adventures and hikes with me exploring the San Francisco bay area, sleeping through tv shows and movies, and tasting new cuisines. With each interaction and new adventure, our bond strengthened.

I have numerous food allergies so I’ve always read food labels carefully. So it was no different that I started to read the ingredients labels for Luna’s treats and foods. When doing so, I realized that I couldn’t pronounce nor know what the ingredients were. This led me to discover single-ingredient treats. Luna didn’t like the single-ingredient vegetable treats (e.g. sweet potato), so it was the single-ingredient meat protein treats for her! I was ok with this! While shopping for treats, I discovered that there are treats that say single-ingredient on the front of the bag, but on the back of the bag, there were other ingredients listed. So is it really single-ingredient? 🤔 Also, I wanted human grade quality ingredients for Luna! Nothing but the best for my dog! 

The portion size of each single-ingredient protein jerky treats was too thick and big for my liking. Luna is a small dog (~26 lbs) and I don’t want to have to worry about overfeeding her. If she has to go on a diet, then I have to go on a diet. I should probably say at this point, that I am not a generous treat giver. Let me clarify that statement. I treat often, but I don’t like giving big sized treats. This resulted in my pre-processing and cutting these treats into smaller treats. 

Previous to starting Luna’s Good Dog Treats, I was a technical product manager where I built products to help address specific problems for a specific target audience. And here I was with 4 issues that I was experiencing with respect to dog treats: 

  1. I wanted ingredients that I could pronounce
  2. I wanted fresh, clean, and actual ONE single ingredient treats
  3. I wanted human grade ingredient
  4. I wanted the treats to be small (all right, tiny) in size

As I was telling my dog parent friends my dilemma, I told them that I couldn’t find such a product in the marketplace and that if it existed, I would buy it. They concurred with me. It was then that I realized I could solve my own problem!  

After an Amazon purchase of a countertop dehydrator, multiple trips to the meat section of the local supermarket, multiple dehydration experiments, and an eager taste tester in Luna, the results are the Luna’s Good Dog Treats chip treats. I call them “chips” because they are thin like a potato chip (addressing my issue #3). They are truly ONE single ingredient (addressing my issue #2), and are ingredient that I can pronounce (addressing my issue #1 and issue #4). 

We’re excited to share these treats with your dogs and cats! We learned that cat friends are ultra-carnivores and they, too, love these delicious tasty treats! 

I started Luna's Good Dog Treats to address and solve my dog treats needs (see the 4 issues above). The real head fake of this business is not just to sell treats (yes, we live in a capitalistic world and we all need to get by), the mission and purpose of the company is to help strengthen the bond between you and your dog and cat. The truth is Luna came into my life during a period of isolation during Covid-19 where I was not doing well mentally. Taking care of her, going on adventures with her, and having a routine with her created stability, responsibility for, and companionship in my life. The love that I gave her and the unconditional love I received backed finally allowed me to love and accept MYSELF.  I finally understood why the instructions on airplanes is to "put your air mask on first before assisting others". The bond that I developed with Luna ultimately saved me. Here's my secret, my hope for you that though the strengthened bond you develop with your cat and dog, you find self love and acceptance. Through that love, you discover your bliss. Through that bliss, you're able to add love, happiness, and hope into the world for others to experience and enjoy. Wishing joy, peace, and love!

❤️ Luna (dog) and Chen (human)