Frequently Asked Questions

Order and Shipping:

 Where do I find my order number?

You can find your order number at the top of the email confirmation. It will also be in the shipping email.

How long does it take for an order to ship? 

We will ship your purchased items within 2-4 business days of order receipt. 

Where does shipping extend to? 

We ship within the continental United States: 50 states (including Alaska, Hawaii, and the District of Columbia).

Do you ship outside of the continental United States? 

Currently, no. Due to the cost of shipping as well as tariffs, import taxes, and country specific laws about importing proteins, we have decided not to pursue international shipping as of right now. 

Do you offer pick-up or delivery? 

Yes! We offer FREE pickup within the SF bay area (at our Oakland, CA location or the Farmers Markets). Once you've placed your order, someone will contact you to coordinate the method (pick-up or delivery), location, and date and time. 

How do I coordinate local pick-up?

Once your order is placed, we will reach out to you to determine a location, date, and time for local pick-up or delivery within the SF bay area. If you haven't heard from us within 24 hours, please email

Why is the cost of shipping so high?

That is what UPS, DHL and the U.S. Postal Service are charging right now given our volume. We do not mark up these charges at all. We do recommend (though we know it serves us well), that you order more than one item, because the shipping costs for a single item can frequently be the same as the multiple items.  Our shipping costs are calculated by weight and size. We do not add any handling fees. 


Ingredients and manufacturing process:

What does “single-ingredient” mean? 

Single ingredient means that it is just one ingredient used to make the treat.  Additionally, there are no additives (e.g. corn, wheat, soy, eggs, diary, etc.), fillers, and preservatives. Just the single ingredient fresh for your dog or cat friend.

Where do you source the proteins?

These treats are made using ONLY human-grade proteins sourced from a SF bay area meat wholesaler and local farmers. Only the best ingredients for your dog and cat friends.

Where are the treats made? 

The treats are prepared and manufactured at a commercial kitchen in Alameda, CA. 



Luna has such an interesting look. What’s her breed?

According to the DNA test we did with EmbarkVet, this is her breed breakdown: 


Who’s Luna’s favorite human friend?

In her immediate human family, she loves her human mommy and her human grandmom. Outside of her family, I don’t think she has any favorite human friend. Once she warms up to a human friend, she’s super friendly by giving them kisses and always asking for belly rubs. 

Who’s Luna’s best dog friend?

Luna is very particular. She likes who she likes. Having said that, when she determines that a dog friend is her friend, then that’s her dog friend for life. Her dog walker tells me that Luna plays with all the other dog friends in their pack. Some of her besties include: Buzzy, Little Joe, and Brody. 

How old is Luna?

According to her adoption paperwork, Luna’s birthday is October 31, 2019.

What’s Luna’s personality?

Luna is the most loyal, protective, independent, and funniest dog. She’s always “working” chasing after squirrels, making sure every human and dog friend doesn’t get too close to her (human) mommy, barking to alert everyone around of any new sounds she hears, and wanting to give human friends kisses or ask for a belly rub. She’s so busy observing the world around her and wanting to do things for herself that if she could do all the tasks that her human mommy can do (e.g. drive, cook, dinner, shop, etc.) she would. I’ll have to think of better examples of when she’s funny. Come back for that.  

Which is Luna’s favorite chips? 

Chicken. Period. I have so many home security video recordings of her pressing the “eat” and “chicken” buttons. All of them are at the most random times. Luna knows what she wants and asks for it. She also likes venison, duck, and salmon. 

What are Luna’s favorite activities?

Luna loves a good tennis ball. Our house and car are filled with them. Luna is also a good trail dog so we love exploring new trails with human and dog friends alike. 

How many buttons does Luna have? 

Luna probably knows about 60+ words. She has 40 buttons right now (and more if I remember to add them).



Why do you refer to dogs as “dog friends”? 

Before Luna came into my life, I watched endless videos of dogs “talking” (communicated by pressing buttons) on instagram and tiktok and marveled at their intelligence. When I got Luna, I wanted to see if it was possible for her to communicate with the buttons as well. I started off with a few basic words (e.g. “eat”, “potty”, “i love you”, “friend”). When she started to press the “friend” button, I started to wonder which friend she was referring to. Then I started to wonder if it was a “dog friend” or “human friend” that she was referring to. So I updated the “friend” button to “dog friend” and gave her another button for “human friend”. Those terms have stuck.  


Can cats eat these treats? 

Yes! Cats can totally eat these treats as well. Cats are hyper-carnivore or obligate carnivore, which means they require meat to live healthy lives. While modern dogs' diets have evolved with humans to be omnivore (eating meat and plant origin), cats remain carnivores (eating meat origins ONLY) due to their short digestive tracks. Since our dehydrate treats are single-ingredient proteins, the chips are a perfect treat.   

Fun Fact: The Lamb Chips were initially created for Midna, a cat who was on a special LAMB only diet.

Fun Fact: Cats have the shortest digestive track to body size ratio of any mammal. As a result, they have less fermenting bacteria to help them break down plant material and derive nutrients from it. For this and other reasons, cats are career carnivores that need to be kept on a meat-based diet.)


If you need a question answered that’s not included here, send a note to and we will happily answer your questions.